© 2019  by Compagnie Caminante.

animans / work in progress

A sound, an odor, a variation, a "splash", the end of the body in light, a movement, a dance ... who dances? It's me? It's you? Who are you? What am I?

"Animans" is a game, a delirium, a desire, a fantasy for three, a fantastic trip. We are putting an end to the limits of the real world.

Who is here? When am I? When am I what? Or what else? What is in me?

Is it an Animan?


"Animans" is a story of transformation, mutation, change of self, change of us, scale, precision, vision. Who am I when I abandoned my verticality? What if I give up my way of analyzing life? And what if I give up my language? And what if I surrender to my instincts?


We study animals through the human body, we let ourselves be possessed by their spirit; our understanding becomes animated, our body remains human, we move like animals, we dance like animals, we are animals, we are human ... we become ANIMANS.

Production: Compagnie Caminante

Co-production: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE), Théâtre Marni à Bruxelles (BE), Studio le Regarde du Cygne à Paris (FR), Embassy of Spain in Belgium (ES)

Support: Théâtre Marni (BE), Charleroi DanseCentre Chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles,  (BE), LookIN'OUT (BE), Le 140

(BE), Centre Culturel Wolubilis (BE), Résidence d'artistes du Pays des Collines (BE), Studio le Regard du Cygne (FR), Festival ZOA (FR), Festival Signes de Printemps (FR), CCN de Roubaix - Ballet du Nord (FR), Jardin La Terre Pimprenelle (FR), L’Impasse / Cie Greffe  (CH), S'ALA - spazio per artist* (IT,), Teatro El Montacargas (ES) 

Choreography and dancers: Ana Paula Gusmao, María Montero, Nicola Vacca

Menthoring: Steve Purcell

Costumes: Sarah Delattre

Original music: Joshua Vanhaverbeke

Photo, video and edition: Stephen Rusk, Edouard Laloy

Length: Format  50-60'