© 2019  by Compagnie Caminante.

animans / work in progress

A sound, an odor, a variation, a "splash", the end of the body in light, a movement, a dance ... who dances? It's me? It's you? Who are you? What am I?

"Animans" is a game, a delirium, a desire, a fantasy for three, a fantastic trip. We are putting an end to the limits of the real world.

Who is here? When am I? When am I what? Or what else? What is in me?

Is it an Animan?


"Animans" is a story of transformation, mutation, change of self, change of us, scale, precision, vision. Who am I when I abandoned my verticality? What if I give up my way of analyzing life? And what if I give up my language? And what if I surrender to my instincts?


We study animals through the human body, we let ourselves be possessed by their spirit; our understanding becomes animated, our body remains human, we move like animals, we dance like animals, we are animals, we are human ... we become ANIMANS.

Production: Compagnie Caminante

Co-production: Subsidy for the creation of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE), Théâtre Marni (BE) Studio Le Regard du Cygne (FR)

Support: Charleroi Danse (BE), Le 140 (BE), Théâtre Marni (BE), LookIN’OUT (BE),Centre Culturel Wolubilis (BE), Studio Le Regard du Cygne (FR), L'Impasse / Cie Greffe (CH), Résidence d'artistes du Pays des Collines (BE)S'ALA - Spazio per artisti (IT),  and other upcoming partners.

Choreography and dancers: Ana Paula Gusmao, María Montero, Nicola Vacca

Menthoring: Steve Purcell

Costumes: Sarah Delattre

Original music: Joshua Vanhaverbeke

Photo, video and edition: Stephen Rusk, Edouard Laloy

Length: Format  50-60' - Format 15-20'